Treasury Services

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The Treasury Department at BBAC offers currency and interest risk management solutions to ensure that sufficient liquidity is available to meet foreseeable needs and to invest cash assets safely and profitably. Its team of dedicated professional dealers works closely with clients to review their financing quality and limit credit exposures accordingly, to help congregate their overall objectives. The role of the department is to revise market risk by means of interest rate and foreign currency sensitivity consequently, all through the aid of quantitative disclosure about the market and critical policies to anticipate and generate trading cash flows in many currencies around the world.

The Treasury Department’s current range of products includes:

Foreign Exchange in all Major Currencies

  • FX Forward
  • Non-Deliverable Forward (NDF)

Cash Flow Management

  • Spot deals (FX Spot)
  • FX swap
  • Term deposits
  • Structured deposits

Capital Market

  • Treasury bills
  • Bonds (fixed income)
  • Trading at the Beirut Stock Exchange (BSE)
  • Equities

Money Market

  • Forward Rate Agreement (FRA)
  • Interest Rate Swap (IRS)
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