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List of Management
Nadim Hamadeh Assistant General Manager for Banking
Chawki Badr Assistant General Manager for External Expansion
Marwan Abou Assi Assistant General Manager for Finance and Administration
Lina Makarem Assistant General Manager for Treasury
Wafa Abed Group Internal Audit
Anwar Abou Ghaida Executive Advisor for Financial Management
Camille Moujaes Branch Network Division
Francois Balaa Digital Banking Division
Mohamad Chamseddine Human Resources
Maya Itani Risk Management
Ali Al Danaf Recovery and Restructuring 
Salim Karam Insurance 
Fadi Barakeh Organization and Methods 
Nawal Aziz Project Finance 
Wissam Al Aridi Project Management 
Toufic Abi Farraj Information Technology 
Tarek Bilal Marketing 
Elias Moukayed Branch Management and Support 
Nahed Zeid Cards and E-Banking Operations
Hilda Ashkar Operations 
Jinane Hanbali Edelbi Small and Medium Enterprises
Marwan Abou Ibrahim Corporate Credit 
Maher Rahhal Subsidized Loans and Kafalat 
Salah Saab Market Intelligence 
Joyce Abdelnour Consumer Credit 
Wissam Maroun Compliance 
Ibrahim Itani Private Banking 
Adonis Shehayeb Management Information System 
Samer Abi Rafeh Administration 
Catherine Matar Koudsi Financial Institutions 
Labib Abou Dehn Customer Rights Protection


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