Your Caring Bank

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Dear Reader,
“Caring” as one of the greatest values of life has become one of our most powerful business advantages. At BBAC, we care; this is the motive, the vision and the mission.
Integrated into our business model as core value, “Caring” functions as inherent, self-regulating mechanism - an infrastructure for trust, faith and reliance. With a deep understanding of banking processes and core banking systems, “Caring” dictates the need to identify opportunities, assess our customer services capabilities and ensure a proper alignment of investments. At BBAC, the goal is to embrace responsibility, encourage investments through the various banking activities, enhance positive impact, strengthen individuals and communities, promote the public interest and support growth and development.
Embedded in our corporate culture, “Caring” was an inspiration as Mr. Ghassan Assaf, the Chairman and General Manager at BBAC names it, a quest to create high social and economic value, an insight that opened doors to creative initiatives and pioneering ideas. It aims to help families and communities to become self-reliant, insulate them from the vagaries of the unknown and tap into the hidden capacities of underestimated relegated individuals. Our policy was to adopt all possible ways and means to properly apply a corporate social responsibility and a sustainable responsible business; we believe this will reinforce the community as a whole, expand and activate social services and serve and support underprivileged social groups.
And “Caring” in its broad meanings and wide implications has helped improve the perception of banking activities among our staff, our customers and stakeholders. It has become a collective effort that ultimately helped us achieve our business target and professional goals, the strong culture that is now a personal value at every personal level. At BBAC, we respond to stimulus because of their alignment to our organizational values - like well-oiled machines, since more than 60 years, we cruise along with outstanding execution and exceptional performance.
For all that … and a little bit more, we invite you to come under our care,
because we remain,
“Your Caring Bank” 

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