Private Car Insurance

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BBAC, in collaboration with The Capital Insurance and Reinsurance Co., offers you the Private Car Insurance that will protect you and your family against financial loss in the event of a car accident.

Why do you need the Private Car Insurance?
The road can be a hazardous place, and a car accident is distressing in any event. However, it can be frightening if you do not have car insurance. Therefore, having your car insured protects you financially from expensive sometimes devastating accidents. With this insurance, you can enjoy greater peace of mind, every time you hit the road with your loved ones.
What kind of coverage can you receive?
This insurance provides coverage for third party liability on Lebanese territories only within the limitations listed here below:
  • Bodily Injuries up to 750 million LBP in full compliance with the Lebanese Compulsory Motor Insurance Law (Compulsory insurance)
  • Material Damage up to 1 million USD, in addition to coverage for the driver and a maximum of six passengers of the immediate family in the event of an accident in the insured car of up to the following amounts:
    • 5,000 USD in case of death of any passenger of the immediate family
    • 2,500 USD in case of permanent total disability of any passenger of the immediate family
    • 1,000 USD for the medical expenses of any passenger of the immediate family
What other facilities does the insurance offer?
  • Comfortable premium payment options: either yearly in cash or automatically withdrawn each month from your bank account with no extra charge
    • Bodily Injuries: 75,000 LBP per year paid cash
    • Material Damage: 60 USD per year paid cash or 6 USD per month withdrawn from the bank account for all types of private cars
  • 24-hour emergency road assistance provided only for beneficiaries of third party liability coverage for material damage
  • The coverage will become effective 24 hours after the issued date of insurance contract for Third Party Liability Material Damage and immediately after for Third Party Liability Bodily Injuries
  • The insurance contract will be handed immediately at the branch and will be automatically renewed
What are the application conditions?
  • You must hold an account at BBAC only when applying for third party liability coverage for material damage
  • The insured car must be a private passenger car with a manufacture year not exceeding 25 years
  • Sports cars are excluded
What is the next step?
Visit any BBAC branch, where the customer service representatives are ready to provide assistance.
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