Board of Directors

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Mr. Ghassan T. Assaf
Chairman General Manager
Mr. Assaf holds a Master’s degree in Economics and Finance and a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Manchester - UK. He started his career at Citibank in New York - USA, in 1980, and then joined BBAC in 1985, where he was appointed Chairman General Manager in 1996.

Mr. Assaf is also the Chairman of the Corporate Governance Committee at the Association of Banks in Lebanon (ABL), and he is board member of Allianz SNA and The Capital Insurance & Reinsurance Company. He also serves on the Board of Directors of many local and international organizations, including: National Deposit Guarantee Institution (NDGI) in Lebanon, ‘Kafalat’ financial company, International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), and Lebanese-Brazilian Business Council (LBBC).

Mr. Assaf carries out many social and humanitarian activities by supporting and participating in several institutions, including: the health establishment of the Druze Community - Ain w Zein, Toufic Assaf Benevolent Cultural Center, Balamand University, and other institutions engaged in public benefit activities.

Judge Abbas Al Halabi
Non-Executive Member
Judge Al Halabi has been a member of the Board since 1987 and he currently serves as the Vice Chairman of the Board, a position he has maintained since 2005. A former judge and a prominent lawyer, Judge Al Halabi is also head of the Legal Department at BBAC and a Professor of Law at many local universities.

Judge Al Halabi is a member of the board of directors of several companies. He has also established companies and various social and political associations. Judge Al Halabi holds several degrees and diplomas, including: a degree in Lebanese and French law from the Saint Joseph University in Lebanon, a degree in European Community Law from the Centre Européen Universitaire in Nancy - France, a degree in Comparative Law from the International Center of Comparative Law, a diploma from the Lebanese Institute for Judicial Studies and a D.E.S. in Private Law from the University of Paris X Nanterre in France.

Assaf Holding Company s.a.l.
Non-Executive Member
Mr. Marc Maamari
Non-Executive Member
Mr. Maamari was appointed to the Board in 2008. He is the General Manager of two companies, the first deals with the trade and manufacturing of electronic systems, while the other deals with Internet and telecom projects. Mr. Maamari holds a Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering from Aston University in Birmingham - UK and a Master’s degree in Industrial Administration from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania - USA.
Non-Executive Member
Mr. Mahfouz was appointed to the Board in 2011. He was a member of the Banking Control Commission of Lebanon for 20 years and the representative of the National Deposit Guarantee Institution (NDGI) in Lebanon. Prior to that, he worked as a consultant to the office of the Lebanese Prime Minister and to several other ministers in the Cabinet, and headed many committees dealing with various public interests.

Mr. Mahfouz is a holder of Bachelor and Graduate degrees in Accounting, Economics and Political Science from the Beirut Arab University and the Lebanese University.

Dr. Fouad Zmokhol
Independent Member
University dean, president, entrepreneur, speaker and professor, Dr. Zmokhol is a savvy businessman whose impeccable ethics and sharp leadership skills have inspired many. President of the Association of Lebanese Business People in the World (RDCL World), his role has taken him to many cities, championing collaboration, networking and synergy between Lebanese business people at home and in the diaspora. Dr. Zmokhol is known for his diplomatic skills and outstanding ability to build bridges and fruitful alliances.

Dean of the School of Business and Management at Saint Joseph University (USJ), Professor of managerial strategies, entrepreneurship and leadership, he believes in sharing expertise and grooming the next generation. He has mentored many young entrepreneurs, inspiring them to perfect their skills and invest locally. A true patriot, Dr. Zmokhol is an advocate of leading by example. As a driven and passionate leader, he works hard to help maintain a healthy Lebanese business environment, encouraging local and foreign investments, while creating a healthy collaborative environment in several sectors.

He is the co-owner of Zimco holding, one of the leading commercial printing groups in Lebanon and the Middle East, driving innovation and performance in the printing industry. He was also the managing partner and CEO of SAPDIB (Africa), manufacturing and distributing F&B products in the area.

As a strategic business advisor, consultant and certified independent board member by the International Finance Corporation (IFC), Dr. Zmokhol sits on the boards of several prominent local private institutions and international organizations.

A sought-after keynote speaker at national and international conferences, he is known to leave the audience wanting more. Speaking about geopolitical and business issues, his conferences shed the light on several current events, giving crucial feedback to businesspeople. A published author of various articles, he is often mentioned in the media for his innovative business approach. An award-winning businessman, he is also an avid tennis, skier and hiker.

Me. Amine Rizk
Secretary of the Board
Me. Rizk has been Secretary of the Board since 2005. Being a lawyer, Me. Rizk has also been the legal advisor of BBAC since 1995. He holds a degree in Law and Economics and a D.E.A. in Private Law.


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