Foreign Domestic Helpers Insurance

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BBAC, in collaboration with The Capital Insurance and Reinsurance Co, offers you the Foreign Domestic Helpers Insurance with extensive coverage designed to ensure that you can handle any kind of loss, accidents or illnesses your domestic helper can possibly encounter.

Why do you need the Foreign Domestic Helpers Insurance?
Domestic helpers ease your workload by handling daily household chores; however as a responsible employer, you will have to deal with legal obligations. If something unforeseen happens to your helper under your employment, the financial burden on you could be substantial. This insurance will help reduce your worries and increase your comfort knowing that your helper is insured in the unlikely event of an accident or an unexpected mishap. 
What kind of coverage can foreign domestic helpers receive?
The insurance covers the Insured in accordance with the legal obligations stated by the Lebanese Ministry of Labor by providing the following:
  • Life Insurance with coverage of 12 million LBP including expenses of repatriating the deceased to the home country 
  • Personal Accidents Insurance with coverage of 15 million LBP in case of accidental permanent total disability. The insurance also covers up to 15 million LBP in case of accidental permanent partial disability whereby the Insured's compensation is calculated according to percentages set forth by partial disability schedules adopted in similar contracts
  • Coverage for medical expenses and third class hospitalization of the Insured in case of work-related accident or illness of up to 35 million LBP per year and as a maximum per case, in addition to one free laboratory test per year
  • Coverage for repatriation expenses not exceeding the cost of one-way economy class travel ticket to the home country in the following cases:
    • An officially ordered deportation of the Insured
    • The death of the employer or a decree issued by the Lebanese courts announcing a bankruptcy
    • The Insured is diagnosed with an incurable disease during the execution of the work contract
What other facilities does the Insurance offer?
  • Comfortable annual premiums of 100 USD automatically withdrawn from your bank account with no extra charge
  • No medical application to be filled in
  • No application to be filled in by the Insured
  • The insurance contract will be handed to you at the branch together with the medical card within 48 hours of the request
  • The contract will be automatically renewed
What are the application conditions?
  • You must hold an account at BBAC
  • The Insured must be a female under 50 years old
  • A copy of the Insured’s passport
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