Private Banking

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BBAC believes that private banking should go beyond traditional banking to meet its clients’ individual needs. Private Banking at BBAC provides the personal service in an environment of confidentiality and trust, while finding creative solutions to complicated situations that are crucial for the clients who are seeking to manage their wealth today and develop new sources of wealth for future generations.

BBAC strives to be its clients’ professional financial partner. Thus, Private Banking at the bank functions with the aim of building long-term relationships with the clients by providing them with personal guidance and professional help in terms of investment services, which include trade execution, portfolio management, comprehensive research, advice on investment opportunities and market insights. The clients have full access to all equity markets and financial instruments that range from simple derivatives to the most sophisticated structured products including futures, options, equities and all the main commodity products.

Private Banking at BBAC has achieved superior differentiation through the quality of the service being diligently supplied to the valued clients by adapting it to the clients’ individual requirements. It includes a team of dedicated professionals who offer consultation services to the clients on all aspects of their banking needs in order to link personal wealth to a world of financial expertise. Its main objective is to provide the clients with a safe haven by guaranteeing them continuity and stability in uncertain times.

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