Term Deposit Account

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The Term Deposit Account from BBAC is the ideal solution for savers who are looking to invest their surplus capital in a secure investment with guaranteed high returns.

What do you need to know about the Term Deposit Account?
  • It is an account into which a certain amount of capital is deposited and locked for a specified term or maturity date at a fixed interest rate
  • The account allows the withdrawal of capital, along with the accumulated interest, at the end of the maturity date
  • Interest rates vary according to the amount and the term of the deposited capital
  • The account is automatically renewable after the maturity date, unless instructed otherwise
  • The account is available in Lebanese Pounds, US Dollars and other major currencies
What benefits does the Account offer?
  • A higher interest rate than a regular savings account
  • A fixed interest rate for the term of the investment that guarantee a certain return
  • A variety of terms and maturity options, starting from one month and up to more than one year
  • Online Banking for a convenient access to the account around the clock 
What is the next step?
Visit any of the BBAC branches, where the customer service representatives are ready to provide assistance.
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