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The role of the Human Resources Department at BBAC is to encourage people to go beyond the contract, to put business needs before rules, to develop skills, and to reduce conflicts by emphasizing common goals.
BBAC’s human resources management involves a complete process of directing people that includes hiring, developing, assigning, motivating and retaining employees in order to achieve organizational objectives.  This is attained whilst being committed at all times to the principle of equal opportunity for all employees and applicants without discrimination in the intention of promoting the best practices and diversity.

BBAC ensures that its employees are fully involved in designing the success factors and delivering the required goals and objectives by constantly providing them with opportunities to connect, develop, be rewarded and lead in an open and dynamic workplace built on a meritocracy, which allows the employees to maximize their contribution towards the success of the bank and create value for the clients, while building a solid career for themselves. 
Competent people are the core of our business. BBAC invests a lot of time and efforts in motivating and retaining its employees, while at the same time, always tries to attract other competitive individuals and professionals. This starts at the level of recruitment through adopting a policy that is based on behavioral and psychometric factors. Thus, the candidate is appraised based on different types of tests mainly intelligence, personality and attitude. The following stage consists of thorough training and observation while rotating within different sections. The aim is to determine career potential early so that the training program is focused accordingly.
Aiming at increasing the level of competency and matching candidates with the right jobs while keeping high efficiency in the utilization of resources, a major focus has been put on structuring career planning and concentrated purpose oriented training while supporting and encouraging continuous education.
BBAC also provides internships to numerous students so as to equip them with the basic tools that would enable them to better understand the work environment and thus be more prepared to join the work-force upon graduation.

If you are interested in pursuing a rewarding career with BBAC, we welcome you to register your interest in joining us by submitting your CV online.
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