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Even though BBAC is proud of the milestones it has managed to reach thanks to the efforts and the hard work of its staff, the bank doesn’t consider statistics as the only measure of its achievements. BBAC also cares about making a positive difference by remaining committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). 

BBAC’s CSR strategy centers on the areas of youth, environment, and community. BBAC also engages in various initiatives involving, among other things, contributions to NGOs, education, health, sports, tourism, arts and culture. Internally, BBAC focuses on its employees through granting them scholarship opportunities and encouraging them to voluntarily participate in the bank’s ongoing CSR activities. Externally, it upholds the highest ethical standards when dealing with various stakeholders, including the community in which the bank operates.

By engaging in such good endeavors, BBAC puts its core value, Care, into action in ways that stimulate better community growth, development and overall wellbeing.

Caring for the Youth

Caring for the Environment

Caring for the Employees

Caring for the Community

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