Term Life Insurance

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BBAC, in collaboration with The Capital Insurance and Reinsurance Co., offers you the Term Life Insurance designed to protect your family’s financial well being in case of a sudden death.

Why do you need the Term Life Insurance?
There is no higher priority than safeguarding the welfare of your family. Since life does not guarantee that you will always be around to provide for your loved ones, you do not want to make the mistake of waiting until it is too late. With this insurance, you can face life’s challenges with confidence and tranquility knowing that, regardless of what might happen to you, your family will be financially supported.
What kind of coverage can you receive?
The insurance provides worldwide, round-the-clock coverage in case of natural or accidental death (excludes risks of war and acts of terrorism).
What other facilities does the Insurance offer?
  • Comfortable monthly premiums automatically withdrawn from your bank account with no extra charge
  • The insurance contract period can vary from 1 to  5 years with a one-time renewable option for the five year coverage only regardless of the Insured's health condition at date of renewal 
  • The coverage will become effective 24 hours after the date the insurance contract is issued  
  • The insurance contract will be handed to you immediately at the branch and will be automatically renewed
What are the application conditions?
  • You must hold an account at BBAC
  • You must be between 20 and 50 years old
  • You must fill in a medical application with no medical examination required
  • The insured amount should not exceed 40,000 USD in aggregate per person

*This insurance contract does not apply to members of armed forces, professional athletes, cabin crew and those engaged in dangerous hobbies.

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