Classic Debit Card

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The Classic Debit Card from BBAC allows you to access your account 24/7 and make purchases and cash withdrawals with ease and comfort. The card will also allow you to make ATM cash and cheque deposits and to shop online.

With the Classic Debit Card, you can stay in control of your finances while avoiding the hassle of carrying large amounts of cash.

What are the features of the Classic Debit Card?

You can use the card locally to make purchases at points of sale and to withdraw cash from any BBAC ATM machine as well as to shop online from local merchants only.

ATM Cash & Cheque Deposits
The card allows you to make cash and cheque deposits at BBAC's ATMs and benefit from lower deposit commission fees and other advantages.

The card is automatically linked to your current account. The limit on the card will be the available balance in your account; without having to pay interest.

3D Secure
3D Secure is an online security feature designed to grant you greater security when you shop online with the card.

payWave is a contactless payment method that offers a fast and secure way to pay for small everyday purchases without having to insert your card or enter a PIN*. Just wave your card over a contactless point-of-sale (POS) terminal to pay and go.

*PIN must be entered for transaction above specific amounts. 

What benefits does the Card offer?

You can use the Online & Mobile Banking services to track your card's account activities round-the-clock.

What is the next step?

You can apply for the Classic Debit Card by visiting any of the BBAC branches, where customer service representatives are ready to provide you with more information on the features and conditions of the card.


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