‘Your Caring Bank’ has a new look

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Let us tell you the story.



This is the story of a journey spanning more than 60 years—one that began in 1956 and continues today.

It is the story of our bank that has witnessed changing times—both good and bad—but that has only grown stronger through it all, becoming one of Lebanon’s prominent banks and continuing to expand locally and internationally.

Throughout this journey, one thing has always motivated us more than anything else: our dedication to care.

It is the cornerstone of everything we do and everything we stand for. It is the reason why you—our client—have always been at the center of our universe, and it is what inspires us every day to do the utmost for our community, staff, shareholders and other stakeholders.

With the same passion that has spurred our commitment to our stakeholders throughout the years, we have embarked on a major shift in our corporate identity and brand look.

Our new identity celebrates the strong relationships we have with our clients, staff, shareholders and greater community. It launches BBAC into the next era with the same heart and stamina that have always defined us and shaped the successes of our past years together.



Since the day BBAC was established, we have remained dedicated to care by building our legacy on human values.

Our values serve as the foundation of every one of our decisions, conversations and interactions, helping us navigate challenges and anchoring us to what matters most: doing the right thing.

• Integrity, the fundamental principle that governs our conduct and to which our commitment has allowed us to build a legacy of trust

• Empathy, the understanding and attentiveness that form the basis of all our interactions, where we put people first, actively listen to their needs and serve them with a deep sense of responsibility

• Devotion, the relentless enthusiasm for our work, pursuit of excellence in what we do and loyalty to our customers, which makes the impossible happen

• Prudence, the firm resolution to take all precautions when assessing risk and to practice good judgment when using the resources entrusted to us

• Service Quality, the willingness to always go the extra mile for our clients and the wholehearted commitment to deliver added value and constant support



What has always differentiated us at BBAC is that we truly care about people. We put our stakeholders first, coming through for them when they need us most and going above and beyond to do what is right. This has helped us build lasting and close relationships with our stakeholders, especially our clients.

We have redefined the traditional relationship banks have with their clients, incorporating care in our culture and making it our daily mission. This, in turn, has resulted in a dynamic of comfort, trust and belonging between our customers and us.

At the heart of our new identity is a symbol that embodies our culture of care and tells the story of our personal relationships with our clients.

The interlocking circles portray pure equality between two true partners—BBAC represented in blue, and the client in aqua; these partners are seamlessly connected in an embrace where each one is at the center of the other’s universe, and where they both bring value to one another and grow together in mutual harmony. 

We decided on this symbol because our clients are what is most important to us, and our principle focus has always been to listen, understand and guide, offering products and services that revolve around them and their changing lifestyles and needs. This has placed us at the center of their financial world and established us as the reference that they turn to when they need support along their financial journeys.


Our formula for success starts and ends with people. It is a simple truth that BBAC has adhered to for more than 60 years, and it is the key to a solid future.

Because caring for each other means succeeding together.

This is our story, and our logo tells it proudly.

Now and always, BBAC remains 'Your Caring Bank'.

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