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Online shopping has become an integral part of the modern lifestyle. If you are looking for a secure online shopping experience that goes beyond convenience, look no further than the Internet Card from BBAC.

The Internet Card is a charge card designed to provide you with a sense of confidence and flexibility when you make purchases over the Internet.

What are the features of the Internet Card?

Purchasing Power
You can use the card to purchase products and services available over the Internet with comfort and ease.

You can use the card round-the-clock, seven days a week at any website displaying the MasterCard logo.

Payment Flexibility
You can settle the total outstanding balance in one full monthly payment with no interest charged given that you pay in full and on time. The card also offers you interest-free credit for up to 45 days.

BBAC is keen on safeguarding your card against theft, fraud and misuse by:

  • setting a low credit limit for your online spending
  • ensuring maximum protection through the Card Validation Value (CVV), a three-digit security code printed on the card, which prevents unauthorized online use and is also required for completing online transactions
  • sending SMS alerts to your mobile phone every time you use the card over the Internet, in addition to other card details
What benefits does the Card offer?

Supplementary Card
You can request an additional card for your family members or friends, who are over 18 years old, so they can benefit from the same card advantages.

You can use the Online & Mobile Banking services to track your card's account activities and settle your card payments round-the-clock.

What is the next step?

You can apply for the Internet Card by visiting any of the BBAC branches, where customer service representatives are ready to provide you with more information on the features and conditions of the card, or online.

* This card is designed exclusively for use over the Internet and cannot be used for purchases at merchant locations or for cash withdrawals at ATM machines.

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