Diamond Card

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Because you deserve exclusive treatment, BBAC offers you the Diamond Card that is uniquely designed to suit your taste and meet your distinctive needs, in which the bank cares.

The Diamond Card is free of charge for life and comprises a bouquet of exclusive benefits that adds sparkle to your life and facilitates your shopping experience and money withdrawals. The card also offers you the chance to win valuable prizes of jewelry and diamonds.

What are the features of the Diamond Card?

Purchasing power
You can use the card for your everyday purchases, as well as for other various expenditures with ease and comfort.

You can use the card around the clock, seven days a week, locally and worldwide to make purchases at millions of merchant locations and to withdraw cash from any ATM machine displaying the VISA logo.

Payment flexibility
You can settle the total outstanding balance either in one full monthly payment with no interest charged or by monthly installments of 5% being no less than 30 USD, with a grace period of up to 45 days without interest.

BBAC is keen on safeguarding your card against theft, fraud and misuse by:

  • providing the card with a smart chip that requires you to enter your PIN code upon Point-of-Sale purchases for extra security and safety
  • setting daily limits for cash withdrawals at ATM machines
  • sending short messages (SMS) to your mobile phone every time you use the card at any point of sale or at any ATM machine, in addition to other card details
What benefits does the Card offer?

Diamond Rewards Program
When you use the Diamond Card to make purchases, you benefit from the card’s rewards program*, which entitles you to:

  • win two precious diamonds in the annual draw that is organized by the bank, where  for every 500 USD spent on the card, your name will automatically enter the draw; the more you spend, the better your chances of winning.
  • earn one point for every 100 USD spent on the card. When the number of points exceeds one hundred points per year, you automatically win a piece of jewelry, of which the value is determined according to the number of points collected.

Insurance plan during travel
When you pay for your travel ticket with the card, you will automatically receive a free of charge insurance against travel accidents, covering medical expenses around the world.

Supplementary card
You can request an additional card for your family members or friends, provided they are over 18, so they can benefit from the same card advantages.

Effortless follow-up of expenses
You can easily track your expenses through the monthly statement of account. You can also check your card balance, around the clock, seven days a week, at any BBAC ATM machine or by contacting BBAC’s Card Customer Support on +961 1 366 921.

* Points will be redeemed on an annual basis. The cardholders will be informed of both the draw date and the rewards distribution by the bank.

What is the next step?

You can apply for the Diamond Card by visiting any of the BBAC branches, where the customer service representatives are ready to provide assistance, or online.

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